Internship Program

When appropriate, Newburgh Prep students work at an internship or part-time job in the community. The goal is to align the internship or job experience with academic instruction and the student’s interests according to the Individual Learning Plan (ILP). Internships and jobs provide valuable work experience that increase a student’s ability to enter college or gain employment.

Career Development & Occupational Studies

Newburgh Prep seeks opportunities for its students to be exposed to careers in the health, math, science, technology, and vocational industries that are located in the Greater Newburgh Area. All Newburgh Prep students participate in the College and Career Readiness Program which aims to prepare them for successful entrance to college or for further training in their chosen careers through on-site and off-site experiences. Students follows clear action steps spelled out in their Individual Learning Plans (ILPs), which integrate career goals with internship and job opportunities.

Click below for our Community Internship Program brochure.

 Community Internship Program