Core & Elective Classes

English Language Arts (ELA)

Students are given a pre-assessment prior to enrollment to ascertain proficiency levels. Upon successful completion of at least 2.5 units of ELA courses, students can progress to the next course level. Coursework is aligned to the NYS Performance Indicators and the Common Core Standards and is geared toward fulfilling the student’s ILP path to graduate and become career and college ready. Students fulfill their exit requirements for ELA upon completion of four credits and scoring 65 or better on the NYS Comprehensive English exam.


Upon enrollment, students are given a pre-assessment to determine their proficiency level in math skills. The math curriculum will provide students with a technology-infused, inquiry-based, comprehensive approach to acquire basic and advanced skills in math applications. Learning is enhanced by connecting math to the real world through technology, modeling processes, and communications of mathematical ideas through communication, such as computer-based media. Upon scoring a 65 or better on the NYS Regents exam, students will complete their Regents requirement for a Regents diploma.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum meets NYS credit requirements for Global Studies, U.S. History and Government, and Economics by focusing on learning content while improving reading and writing skills. Students meet their Regents exam with a score of 65 or better on both Global and US History exams. When appropriate, project-based learning activities are implemented. Teachers work closely with students to develop civic and community experiences which enable students to take part in authentic community engagements creating community and civic-minded, college and career-ready young adults.


The science curriculum includes courses in Living Environment, Environmental Science, and Chemistry. Much of the work in these courses centers on project-based learning activities. Students’ progress by completing coursework and labs. After completing a minimum of three science credits and passing a minimum of one science Regents exam with a 65 or better, students will complete their mandated NYS science requirement.

Physical Education & Health

Physical Education and Health are a significant focus at Newburgh Prep and encourage students to be physically active and to make positive health and life choices. In alignment with New York State Learning Standards, the school’s health instruction focuses on:

  • lifelong physical education;
  • hockey access to city recreational and athletic teams;
  • opportunities to participate in health-related and advocacy activities;
  • injury prevention;
  • emotional health;
  • nutrition and exercise;
  • drug-free lifestyle;
  • family health and sexuality;
  • personal and consumer health.

Family & Consumer Sciences

Newburgh Prep integrates Family and Consumer Science education (FACS) and Health skills according to the New York State Education Department standards for Home and Career skills and the Human and Public Services cluster for high school. This includes the pathways of Human Services and Family Studies and Food and Nutrition.

Visual & Performing Arts

Newburgh Prep students participate in a visual and performing arts program. The arts curriculum is aligned with New York State Learning Standards. Students learn to appreciate the visual and performing arts and draw connections between the art world, humanities, and the sciences and apply those connections in the community.


Newburgh Prep’s Spanish curriculum aligns with the New York State Learning Standards for Languages Other Than English. Newburgh Prep uses a full immersion model of language learning focusing on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Many of our students have a range of Spanish knowledge and fluency. Instruction is customized to meet the needs of each student.


Newburgh Prep’s curriculum emphasizes reading and writing across all content areas based on the New York State Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy. Each core and elective teacher will teach reading and writing regardless of content. As students progress in reading and writing skills, the focus on knowing the subject area will intensify.

Newburgh Prep’s literacy program is based on best practices and research-based strategies. Non-traditional models, such as Blended Learning, Flipped Classrooms, and the Workshop models will provide students with clear, hands on, interactive instruction. Our sound instructional principles include: diversified motivational strategies and materials; intensive reading and writing; technology integration; individualized tutoring based on the student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and opportunities for self-directed collaborative projects including assessments that drive learning.