We Are Newburgh

05-Apr-2017 Joe Alvarez is all about community - all about building each other up and leading by example; and showing love/peace and unity.  Mr. Alvarez visited Newburgh Prep on March 30th to speak with our students and share his story.  He grew up in Newburgh and went through many struggles as a young child, teenager and young adult.  When Joe reached his 30s he decided he needed to make a change in his life - and that change was enrolling in the welding program at Lincoln Tech.  Since then he has turned his life around and feels good about the direction he is following.  Mr. Alvarez told the students "that people shouldn't use their struggles as an excuse for not attending school or pursuing a career that would provide for themselves and their future families".  He talked about his passion of being involved in a community group - "We Are Newburgh" - and encouraged the students to get involved in the community events sponsored by the organization.  It was quite evident that our students connected with Mr. Alvarez, respected his advice and look forward to teaming up with him in the near future.