Message from Our Founder

         Greetings from Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald, Newburgh Prep Founder

The first goal of Newburgh Prep is to offer students who have been unsuccessful in their previous high schools a chance to come back to school and earn a New York State High School Diploma.

Although high school graduation is definitely the most important goal for all our students, we know that there is much more going on at Newburgh Prep.  I'll sum it up in one word: transformation.  Newburgh Prep is in the business of transforming lives and making it possible for our graduates to live lives very different from the lives they might have lived without Newburgh Prep.

Recently I had a conversation with one of our students, one of the many conversations that our staff members have with many of our students every day.  Not long into the conversation the student reacted to my words by saying, "Why are you always trying to change us?"

"Yes," I answered, "we are trying to change you ... we are trying to get you to come to school every day ... we are trying to get you to be here on time ... we are trying to get you to attend all of your classes ... we are trying to get you to work as hard as you can ... we are trying to get you to dress appropriately.  Yes, we are trying to get you to do all of these things because we know that by doing these things you will have a better chance at success in life."

Success begins with earning a high school diploma, but that's not the end.  Earning a high school diploma opens the door to a successful future, but it's all of those other good habits learned at Newburgh Prep, the ones I just mentioned, those transformational habits, that lead to a successful future.

In the end, students who show the willingness to develop those habits with the help of the Newburgh Prep staff will transform their lives and find success. The entire Newburgh Prep family-everyone who is part of the Newburgh Prep vision-is here to help make that happen.